Washington Square Park Circa 1968 by James Jowers

Washington Sq Park

A blogger from Berlin wrote at The Finger Blog about New York circa 1960s as shown in photographs by James Jowers – like the one above of the woman sitting facing in on the ledge of the Washington Square Park fountain, lit Christmas tree under the Arch behind her, pack of crumpled cigarettes by her feet:

New York. A place of mystery and glory. The city has managed to keep the mystery and glory that started out in the sixties and seventies, a melting pot of both culture and creativity. Of course we all wished we would’ve been there when New York went through this fascinating transformation, and now we, sort of, can.

Photographer James Jowers was in the midst of this mystical time in Manhattan in the ’60s, capturing images of strangers going about in their everyday business. Jowers’ collection is on display in the George Eastman House, a photography and film museum in Rochester, N.Y., but since we don’t all have the means to fly out to the place to be, the museum has posted many of the photographs online, allowing us to travel from our screens into our minds, and onto the old streets of Manhattan.

More of the photos can be seen here.

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