Trio premieres “Chopin works with a modern twist” Live at (le) Poisson Rouge Tonight, Sunday Nov 23rd

Chad Lawson
Chad Lawson

Tonight, a few blocks from the park, you can catch the debut live performance of The Chopin Variations, an album by Chad Lawson, Judy Kang and Rubin Kodheli, featuring “Chopin works with a modern twist” at (le) Poisson Rouge. The album recently debuted at #1 on the iTunes Classical Music chart.

Recently featured at the Huffington Post, musician and blogger Julie Ingram wrote:

In this work, [Chad] Lawson and fellow musicians, violinist Judy Kang and cellist Rubin Kodheli, explore Chopin’s original pieces while adding their own sense of musical creativity and exploration. This beautiful conversation between Chopin and modern-day musicians reminded me how lucky we are that through music, we can still converse with ideas and sensitivities of the past, and that these ideas can still speak to our hearts with relevance.

This is just a snippet, you can read the interview with Chad Lawson here.

For the performance, tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. You can purchase them here.

(le) Poisson Rouge is at 158 Bleecker Street, NYC.

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