Walk Through Washington Square with Self-Guided Tour of Park Trees’ Fall Foliage (Before it’s too late!)

Red Maple at WSP
Red Maple at WSP

You have just a bit longer to see Washington Square Park’s panorama of magnificent colorful trees in action. And now, as you stroll through the park, you can identify the trees and learn all about them via a wonderful walking tour put together by Local Ecology identifying the park’s fall foliage.

The self-guided tour begins at the Northwest Quadrant by the English “Hangmen’s” elm and continues from there winding along paths and ending up by the Holley Statue. This is a great gift to tree – and park – lovers who want to learn more about the trees. Sometimes there is so much going on, you can miss things!


Check out Local Ecology’s self-guided walking tour of fall foliage at Washington Square Park here.

If you miss the leaves this season, well, there is always next year. Local Ecology will be organizing a spring guided walking tour of the trees in person at the park.

WSP Blog and Local Ecology have partnered on creating a mobile map of the parks trees called WSP Ecology. You can read all about that project here. (We need volunteers!)

And in other tree news, the Washington Square Park Christmas tree will arrive on Monday, December 1st at 4 a.m. It is delivered from Vermont and placed under the Arch. The tree is paid for by the Washington Square Association (and has been for years). The tree lighting ceremony will occur Wednesday, December 10th (more on that separately).

Photos: Hubert Steed

A note: The other posts are coming… some personal sadness happened the other day which delayed the publishing of them.

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