In The News : Washington Square and Other Parks/Public Spaces


The fountain after 11 on ... side jets only
Last night, the fountain after 11 p.m. still on … side jets only

Learn about New York Dosas’ Thiru Kumar whose food cart is based at the southern end of Washington Square Park via Kumar’s Lunch of Dreams, a lovely piece at Mashable.

Loving New York: Washington Square at Travel Pulse is a lovely encounter at the park and worth checking out.

Michael Kimmelman, Architecture Critic at the New York Times, weighs in on parks, the city budget and private conservancies: Mayor De Blasio Plan for Parks Needs to Grow (Some good, some I view a bit differently.)

Are changes under way for the high end restaurant in Union Square? A Walk in the Park Blog says yes!

Read about the Los Angeles Parks Department plans to place a cell (phone) tower in a park and opposition to it. (Much of this technology really needs to be reviewed – and revamped, if not recalled. Such as WiFi in parks – and subways.)

Photos: Cathryn

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