Washington Square Wizard Kyler James Releases First Book, The Secret of the Red Truck; Upcoming Reading Friday, October 17th

Kyler James
Kyler James

You come upon the Fountain Plaza, circling it, and, at first, you wonder what you are seeing – a man all in black with a cape, at times also adorned with a shiny silver wizard hat upon his head, seated on a bench with a big yellow sign before him declaring: “Tarot Readings by Kyler.” A post at this blog about him in 2012 drew replies from devoted fans.

Now, the wizard – full name Kyler James – has released his first book, The Secret of the Red Truckavailable at Amazon.com as well as local bookstores, including McNally Jackson, St. Marks BookShop, and Three Lives.

You can hear James read from the novel in his first appearance relating to the release next Friday, October 17th at 4 p.m. at a location fittingly across from the park, Greenwich House, 20 Washington Square North (between Fifth Avenue and MacDougal), Parlor floor.

In his time giving tarot readings at Washington Square, James has amassed more than a few wonderful stories of the people and experiences he has encountered at the park! Perhaps he will tell a few, as well as discuss the new book, at this upcoming appearance. The event is free and open to the public.

Early reviews of the book give you a taste for the story within:

Kyler James takes on time, madness, religion, incest, art and Freud in this allegorical novel with a mystery at its center so compelling, you’ll read it straight through. Nothing is what it seems and only the Red Truck has the secret! This is not like any book you’ve ever read or will ever likely read.”
– Trebor Healey

“Sanity and truth are relative terms, and in this compellingly bizarre dfebut novel, Kyler James lures us inside the dark caverns of one man’s twisted mind—and makes it all seem real.”
– James Gavin

(Hopefully, a review will appear at this blog in the near future!)

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  1. Hi Kyler this Suzette , I was going through your articles and its very interesting stuff, I have an understanding and also experience some of what your articles entail and I’m looking forward to reading your books .


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