Tarot Readings by Kyler Washington Square

This gentleman, Kyler, was out at the Square last week offering “Tarot Readings.” Initially, he was wearing a tin foil hat. I couldn’t figure out if it was a joke for people who don’t take tarot seriously or if it was an experiment of some kind or what. It seemed like it wasn’t helping his case as no one stopped by; I was almost tempted to sit down. At last, a young woman gave him a chance. He seemed very contemplative and thoughtful during her reading. For the reading, he took the hat off but you can see it peeking out of his bag.

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12 thoughts on “Tarot Readings by Kyler Washington Square”

  1. Laugh all you want, but – I randomly had this guy read my cards two years ago and I can not even begin to describe how spot on he would up being, on a rather abstractly formulated question. I am not a “believer” in this but I had to put skepticism aside, since I can not possibly chalk this off as a coincidence. More to my point, I forgot his name, but googled “Tarot guy in Washington Square Park” hoping to find him again.

  2. Hi incognito,

    I wasn’t laughing at him or at tarot which I believe in. It’s great to get your feedback on his reading for you! I was just trying to figure out the tin foil hat and the implication of that. I’ve only seen him recently so maybe you’ll catch him. (Does he do the reading via donation?)

    Thanks for the report! Maybe I’ll sit down next time.

    WSP Blog

  3. Yes, it can be great in my experience too. I’d love to get a report back from someone else who checks out Kyler. Thanks for your comment! Cathryn.

  4. Hey Cathryn! Just happened to find this tonight. Glad you got me! Yes, the wizard hat is just a marketing device…it makes people smile and they come up and say hi. The hat is not real, but if they try me out, they’ll see that I am. Here’s my website for further info: http://www.kylerjames.com. Thanks for posting!

  5. The cape and hat (not tin foil but coated with a silvery fabric paint) show a wizard at work. Yes, a very good marketing device – catches the eye, stays in the mind, and helps someone find him again, when they do listen to that inner voice saying “I should have gotten my cards read by him.”. And they should – Kyler is a phenomenal Tarot reader.

  6. Hi Kyler,

    Certainly. Thanks for stopping by! Sounds great. I have gotten some good reviews by people who have had readings done by you. Will check out your site.


    Hi Meri,

    Thanks for the clarification that the hat is coated with “silvery fabric paint” and your words of support for Kyler.


  7. Hi Kyler. Not sure if this will find you, and find you well. We’d love you to read Tarot at our benefit at the Wythe Hotel on the eve of Sept 24th. We met years ago when you were at Père Pinard and then again in Washington Square Park with our Rwandan author. If you find this note and would like to discuss it, please email me: [email protected].

    Thanks! jill

  8. I couldn’t agree with you more Jan. The Tarot is actually very little about the future, but more about your own consciousness, how to create your own future in your own way.

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