Look Closely! Pigeons as Art in Washington Square Park


Look closely!
(They are made of felt.)

The artist, Tina Trachtenberg, asks for donations. (I have seen her but do not know her name and will update as I can.)

Via New Yorkist

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2 thoughts on “Look Closely! Pigeons as Art in Washington Square Park”

  1. Jill Van Tuyl, Community Initiatives Director NY/NJ Community Outreach: Contact her at 732.774.1959 or jill.vantuyl@aspca.org

    Call Police Precinct for Washington Square precinct. A local resident must file a complaint report which will have a number attached to it. Get the officer’s full name and badge number.

    If you know when inhuman man is coming, perhaps you can organize and scatter the pigeons making difficult for him to do this while one of you call 911. YES, police NOW HAVE THE JOB OF RESPONDING TO ANIMAL CRUELTY. ASPCA passed this job to them last summer.

    you have my email. let me know your progress.


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