Indie Chicks Shine Light on Media’s Negative Messaging to Women With Action at Washington Square Park

The creators of web site and publication, Indie Chick, went around town yesterday challenging women’s magazines and media to stop the negative messaging. Adorned with visible signs and outfits illuminating this, their stops included some of the city’s highly trafficked areas and parks, including Bryant Park, Central Park, and, Washington Square Park.

The three founders of Indie Chick – Chiara Mazzucco, Chrystal Rose and Julie Zantopoulos – are shown above by the Washington Square fountain. The one day action, which also graced Times Square and Rockefeller Center, aimed to place focus on the endless negative messages women’s magazines spout, such as: “Stop Aging,” “Lose 7 pounds in 7 days,” “87 New Ways to Please Your Man,” and it goes on and on but the basic message is always, as they say, “Change You.”

Indie Chick’s print publication comes out quarterly and aims to put forth an empowering message to women. Sold in major book stores nationwide, including Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million, the creators want to raise awareness of the magazine to keep its alternative message on the shelves.

As they write on the Indie Chick web site:

The Indie Chicks, Inc. is so much more than a self empowerment magazine, it’s a lifestyle. We aim to develop and empower the woman’s sense of self and help guide her toward embracing her inner badass in every aspect of her life. No matter who you are or what you do in life, the life of a woman is the same as the next. The moment you wake up, you’re you. But within seconds, a thousand hats are thrown your way and you instantaneously become someone’s wife, someone’s mother, someone’s colleague or sister or friend… And before you know it, that sense of self gets lost in the chaos. Our Mission: This community aims to target that inner badass that lives within us all and empower her enough to get through everything life throws our way. That way she’ll be able to wear each hat as well as the next.


Of course, if there is one place in New York City where a person can very much be themselves and think outside of the box, it may be … Washington Square Park. Despite all the challenges around the redesign and the behind-the-scenes privatization attempts, it remains a place you can be … you (pretty much).

But the Indie Chicks’ message is one that remains necessary to repeat as the other messaging is so pervasive, no matter where you are.


You can check out The Indie Chicks Web site here.

Photos: Brian Kearney

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