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fountain_plaza_washington_square_park_2014_greenwich_villageIf you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and find the information valuable and consistent quality, consider making a donation to support the blogger.

For over six years, WSP Blog has tracked the park’s redesign progress (and issues), reported on the latest park news – as well as at other NYC public spaces, covered meetings related to the park as well as featured park events, history, nature and preservation. Photos capturing “scenes at the park” are a regular feature as well as things happening nearby in the Village. This site has highlighted issues related to privatization of public spaces, as well as the current attempt to privatize Washington Square by a wealthy group formed behind closed doors without community input. WSP Blog has broken stories that have reached the mainstream media and added a greater level of scrutiny to park issues.

Now would be a great time to show your support and help this blog to continue and maintain. If you know someone who might like to advertise, that is something I have considered, a local business or something unique, send them my way.

I am writing a book but lacking funds to finish the editing and illustration; your support can help with that as well. For these reasons and more, now would be a great time to support this blog with a donation.

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