Gothamist Goes Inside the Arch and Learns There are 102 Stairs to the Top!

Atop the Arch

So, the city’s Parks Department allowed a writer from Gothamist to take a tour inside and atop the Arch! Gothamist really wanted that and had mentioned it before at their site. Good for them, they got it!

I don’t know however … they had a writer, Evan Bindelglass, from New Jersey write the piece. (Nothing against New Jersey – I grew up there – but… ) Nonetheless, Bindelglass did a nice job. And unlike the Wall Street Journal (a writer from the publication was allowed inside in March 2011), they were able to feature pictures from atop the monument!

An Extremely Rare Tour Inside & Atop the Washington Arch, Gothamist

102 Stairs to the Top!

Photos: Evan Bindelglass, Gothamist

*   *   *

So it looks like every two years they let a media outlet inside. Maybe in 2015, I’ll lobby them!

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