Lights Off WSP at Dark. Hurricane Sandy? No, Just Recent Nights Washington Square

Hurricane Sandy? No. Just Friday Night Unlit Arch.
Park bustling even in dark

I received an email from someone earlier in the week who was at the Park, it was 5:10 p.m., and this person wrote that none of the lights were on, not even on the Arch. I wasn’t able to check it out myself then, and, at the time, I thought perhaps it was a mix up, a one time thing. When I didn’t hear from anyone else about it, I had pretty much forgotten about it until Friday when I experienced it for myself.

I entered WSP on Friday shortly before 5 p.m. and there were no lights anywhere within the environs of the Park – the Arch was unlit, the fountain lights were off and none of the pathways had lighting. It’s getting fairly dark now at that time of day and so it was quite curious. I left for a bit and returned around 5:45ish and …voila!the spotlight on the Arch had blazed on. No other lights, however, had appeared. I then asked a, uh, park regular what time the lights were coming on lately and he told me “between 6:15 and 7.” I then turned (it was now around 6 p.m.) and looked east of the fountain and the Eastern side pathways were lit as the western lights remained dim. I assumed they came on shortly afterwards but it’s really way too dark at this point to have no lights in the park at this time of day/early eve.

Kids at play… fountain
Eastern end unlit park
Spotlights on the Arch Appear! (Red, orange, yellow Empire State Bldng background)
Lights On Eastern End At Last around 6 p.m.
Western End remains unlit

Since Rebecca Ferguson left as Washington Square Park Administrator, things are not being watched as closely. For example, the signs stating that “the park is closed due to the storm” remain up at the entrances. (Maybe they are preparing for the next one?) And now the lights – how could there not be anyone working who noticed this? 

I must say tho’ that the environment within WSP was pretty festive and no one seemed concerned — it was almost like, post-mega hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers (and visitors) are not too fazed by some missing lighting.

Again, I’m posting these from Friday. I don’t know if it was resolved last night or will continue on until someone gets clued in.

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  1. Hi Georgia, That’s an interesting possibility. I wouldn’t have thought of that but … maybe. It’s hard to imagine that no one noticed and corrected.




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