(Photos) Squirrel Taking a Break on Washington Square’s “Hangmen’s” English Elm, Oldest Living Tree in Manhattan, More

Just taking a breather …
“Hangmen’s” Elm NW Quadrant
Squirrel Close Up
English Elm part of “The Great Tree Search 1989”
Acorn heaven
Larger View the Elm (from June)
Pigeons Take a Break Too, Fountain Plaza

It always amazes me (in a good way) how much people at WSP appreciate the wildlife. As I entered yesterday through the North West Quadrant, this sweet squirrel, top, was taking a break on a thin branch of the “Hangmen’s” English Elm. The park’s squirrels, pigeons, and, of course, notably, the red-tailed hawks have many fans. As does the Elm itself which is believed to be 330 years old and the oldest living tree in Manhattan! I don’t recall noting this small green sign (underneath) on the tree before until I stopped to watch the squirrel and my attention was directed there. This is not the best shot of it but apparently it dates back to 1989 when the city did something called “The Great Tree Search.” (More info?) The majestic Elm is hanging in there; as I reported back in June, the tree’s status and health are in jeopardy .

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