Washington Square Park Fall: Leaves Changing Color, Arch Un-barricaded, Time Traveler & The New Moon Take Center ‘Stage’

Fall Leaves Changing Colors, Alcove Eastern Side
Arch Free from Barricades Post-Inspection (Empire State Bldng in background)
Young lady on the Fountain Plaza… Sign up close:
Trapped in NYC
People utilizing the Petanque court!
Inexplicably, Garibaldi remained barricaded…
This Amazing tree…
has magnificent red berries…
Abandoned pumpkin
The lift remained by the Arch (More to do?)
The New Moon
Spot the moon …

People took full advantage of the un-barricaded Arch this weekend. Joe Mangrum was there making a sand painting, there was singing under the Arch, and more. I got a bit behind posting about the Arch’s lengthy inspection behind barricades following a “chunk” falling off two weeks ago due to upgrading the site. More on that to come. The fountain is now off (I miss it, missing side plumes and all); last year it was on until mid-November (but that was unusual). These pictures are from Saturday and just a snap shot.

Photos: Cathryn

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6 thoughts on “Washington Square Park Fall: Leaves Changing Color, Arch Un-barricaded, Time Traveler & The New Moon Take Center ‘Stage’”

  1. Love the blog redesign. Congrats!
    There is a homemade memorial at the Washington Pl/Wash Sq. E entrance to the park that sprung up recently. Do you know who or what it is for?

  2. Hi Angela,

    Thank you!!

    I don’t know re: homemade memorial. I’ll check it out. Thanks for the info.

    Thanks for writing & reading!


  3. Thanks for investigating Cathryn. I’ve seen that guy around for years, when I walk my dogs around 730-8am and wondered what his deal was. He stood at that entrance every work day without fail.

  4. Hi Angela, That’s amazing. I never encountered him but what an amazing memorial that is there! I posted a photo in the post I just published so thanks again.

    Georgia, thanks for the names of those trees. I was not putting together that that was a maple but of course… I really like that shot too. And I had no idea what the ‘tree with red berries’ was called. Yes, lovely!



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