My Visit to Zuccotti — aka "Liberty" — Park and Occupy Wall Street

The Scene

Meditation Circle

The People's Library

The Death of the American Dream
Daily Schedule

Guy Sweeping Up

Bed-Stuy Volunteer Ambulance Corps

Pigeons take refuge
Where to Recycle
Free Phone Charge

A final look upon leaving

I was quite moved by the scene at Zuccotti “Liberty” Park. For everyone who has been coerced or lulled into believing that our city — as envisioned by NYC billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg — must be increasingly privatized, homogenized and sanitized, thereby crushing much of the essential character that is so intrinsic to New York; the freewheeling, gritty, and collective spirit of Occupy Wall Street/New York illustrates another alternative: what a thoughtful, colorful, and collaborative NYC looks like.


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4 thoughts on “My Visit to Zuccotti — aka "Liberty" — Park and Occupy Wall Street”

  1. Don’t forget what Bloomberg and the city are doing to the animals in their care…people are losing their pets to death and suffering due to unwillingness of city to give funds to the ACC. It’s illegal and it’s deplorable. I was neutral about Bloomberg until I found out about the animals. I dispise him now and the city that backs him up. Shame on Bloomberg and his cronies.

  2. Thank you, Johanna!! Yes, you’re right, that does say it all – the bowl with coins. Thanks for October 5th protest pics and link.

    Shelley, thanks for your comment. I definitely agree regarding the state of the ACC and lack of attention being paid to the city’s animals. I’ve written about the ACC – here – and the need for reform of it –

    I’ve also written about Michael Bloomberg who if you were ever “neutral” about, there’s way too much in addition to animals — lack of regard for people (who are not his affluent friends) and city neighborhoods; declining overall character of the city partly due to his massive emphasis on rezonings making it unaffordable to many and increasing gentrification rapidly; giveaways to developers and corporations non-stop; privatization of just about everything; treatment of RNC protesters; “stop and frisk” program, for starters — all that would shift your place on the fence if you were still there. Here’s one piece: “The Blanding of New York City: Why It’s Time for Mayor Mike to Go:” (from 2008)

    Also, Bloomberg was pulling the strings behind much of what’s been done to Washington Square Park where the community had little to no say in the matter.

    Thanks for writing —


  3. Nice job of reporting Cathryn
    Thank goodness for the Bloggers!

    I enjoyed the picture of “this is so not over”
    I agree!


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