Garibaldi Uncovered!

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I’m not certain how long the statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi was covered in that somewhat atrocious bright blue cloak but, at some point, between when I posted about the status of Phase II on Friday and yesterday (Tuesday), he was uncloaked!

As for what happens next, according to Jonathan Kuhn, Director, Art & Antiquities, at the NYC Parks Department:

1) The Public Design Commission has approved all cleaning, patination, coating and restoration methodologies and procedures.

2) The contracted conservation firm performing this work plans to implement the work in the spring once the weather is cooperative and the mean temperature is adequate to conduct the work.

Good to know!

More on Garibaldi and his history from previous WSP Blog post from April 2010 when first relocated to new position: Washington Square Park’s Garibaldi Statue Moved!

p.s. Does it look like things are moving a little more swiftly? Yesterday, it sure seemed that way.

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5 thoughts on “Garibaldi Uncovered!”

  1. I’ve noticed quick progress in the park, too. The university hung new flags recently and planters have been planted. Good the events be related?

  2. Hi Georgia, sorry a bit delayed response. I don’t know if NYU events and speed of progress are related. Could be! It’s still going to be a little while tho’ (I thought it might be done relatively soon at that point.)

    Andrew, red would be fabulous! Is that significant for something or … just because it’s a great color? Thanks for your comment.



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