Take Back NYU – an Update and Request for Your Support. Contact John Sexton. Attend Rally at Washington Sq Park Border Tues. Feb. 24, 7 p.m.

Well, if you missed it, last week, students with organization Take Back NYU took over the cafeteria at the Kimmel Center* for close to three days. Among Take Back NYU’s goals demands are budget disclosure, endowment disclosure, and student representation on the Board of Trustees. Their action was very daring and difficult at a school like NYU which is helmed by John Sexton, a University President perfectly at ease during the Bloomberg era. NYU would never have gotten away with their endless expansion eclipsing neighborhoods throughout our city without the climate and structure put into place by our CEO Mayor.

(Note: The Kimmel Center is the controversially designed building which sits across from Washington Square Park on the south side.)

Some details:

How NYU ‘acted’ vs. how New School handled its recent student “occupation”; NYU acts in ‘bad faith’

New School students recently held their own occupation of that school’s student center cafeteria in December with a much different outcome. New School President President Bob Kerrey (another controversial and not that well liked figure) negotiated and reached an agreement with the students. NYU, on the other hand, acted in bad faith. When four of the students from Take Back NYU left for a scheduled “negotiation” with NYU officials in another part of the Kimmel Center, instead of any negotiating, these students were detained and not allowed to rejoin the group. Police officers then broke down the barricade to reach the remaining students and evicted them.

And, if you’re curious, what were the negotiations between The New School and the students during a similar action? The New York Times covered the story. Here from the December 19th article:

The New School said in a statement that the agreement [reached with the students who ended their occupation] contained the following provisions:

  1. To grant amnesty for the participants involved in the occupation and the events related to it.
  2. To find a suitable replacement for the library and study space that will be lost with the closing of 65 Fifth Avenue. It was expressed to the students that this was already in the works, as we are completing work on new library and study room facilities at 55 West 13th Street. The construction of this new space will be completed in time for the start of the spring semester.
  3. To include student participation in the selection of the Provost.
  4. To establish a committee on Socially Responsible Investing for the University’s endowment.

The statement added:

We believe that the agreement reached is reasonable and will improve the shared governance of our university. Today, 65 Fifth Avenue will resume normal operation for our students, staff and faculty.

What NYU Students face

The students at NYU are in jeopardy of being suspended and have already lost their housing.

New York City Labor Against War succinctly wrote in a recent letter of support, we must demand that the NYU administration immediately:

1. Rescind suspensions, dorm evictions and all other disciplinary action.

2. Drop all criminal charges.

3. Meet the students’ demands.

What you can do:

Email NYU President John Sexton at: john.sexton {AT} nyu.edu


Take Back NYU! is asking for support for the students at a rally Tuesday, February 24th, at 7 p.m. Washington Square South and Laguardia Place, at Washington Sq Park border, across from NYU Kimmel Center.

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5 thoughts on “Take Back NYU – an Update and Request for Your Support. Contact John Sexton. Attend Rally at Washington Sq Park Border Tues. Feb. 24, 7 p.m.”

  1. I think you do a great job with the blog. I hate NYU and everything it’s done to the Village. However, I cannot and will not support these students. This strike is a farce. It is laughable. They are a bunch of rich spoiled brats.

  2. Take Back NYU had to be the most pathetic act of civil disobedience in the history of mankind! ‘Corporate Water’, WTF??? Their “interruption” played out like a mockumentary. Perhaps they should study past acts of resistance to gain a little perspective, if they aren’t too ashamed to ever show their faces again, that is.

  3. Thanks anon for your comment about the blog!

    Curious for everyone… did you feel the same way about the New School “occupation?”

    Thanks for stopping by.

    WSP Blog.

  4. I agree with the NYU students, and I note that their demands were so reasonable and modest that they shouldn’t have had to occupy a campus building. The administration should have been doing those things all along.


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