Remodeled Look of Washington Square Park = Mary Poppins' London Circa 1964?

A reader named Miriam wrote in yesterday about the remodeled look of Washington Square Park (NorthWest Quadrant) completed thus far.

Miriam noted:

Has anyone commented on the fencing that has already been installed? It looks cheap, gimmicky, poorly scaled, and incredibly flimsy–the uprights are thinner than my 77-year-old arms. None of the new fencing will last more than few years. Just as I suspect will be true of the whole new park, the fencing is a triumph of someone’s fantasies of a London park as inspired by the 1964 movie, Mary Poppins. Do these designers have any practical experience? As for maintenance–good luck with it in the coming times. I fear we are going to be stuck with a half-finished, poorly maintained Washington Square. Actually, I know we will be. Sad.

I think Miriam may be onto something with the Mary Poppins look going on. The lamps would fit into that theme also.

Great movie but  …  ??

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