Stop Mayor Bloomberg from Destroying Washington Square Park

Stop Mayor Bloomberg from Destroying Washington Square Park
Stop Mayor Bloomberg from Destroying Our Park

This flyer counters the NYC Parks Department’s spin on what is actually happening behind the fencing to Washington Square Park at the hands of the Bloomberg Administration. It’s been pretty effective since people read it quite thoroughly. The question everyone asks is “Why?” The flyer attempts to answer the question while putting into context the politics and involvement of everyone from Mayor Bloomberg, Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, and NY City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to private interests like New York University and the Tisch Family in the unwelcome redesign of this very successful public space.

However! there are still things that can be doneMore on that to come. Write in with any and all ideas, of course.

Updated 10/15: Read an expanded version of the flyer’s information here.

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2 thoughts on “Stop Mayor Bloomberg from Destroying Washington Square Park”

  1. As a local resident, I can only say that it looks great! I can hardly wait for the renovated areas to reopen. This park really needed more than a facelift… great to see the city giving it the attention and money it deserves

    Thanks for maintaining this blog.

  2. Hi,

    I lived in MacDougal St. for one year in 2000. I’m from Mexico City.
    Washington Square park was amazing. There was always something interesting going on.
    People were in a relaxed mood.

    I think any modification to the park should have been very conservative, fast, and preceded by a very thorough and democratic debate.

    Its been two trips to NY now that I can’t enjoy the park as it is fenced. Its really tragic. I can’t understand how people allowed it to happen.

    Thanks for this Blog, and for the fliers. At least that!


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