Billionaire Cosmetics Heir Flip-Flops to Meet Billionaire Mayor's Wishes

The New York Daily News reports today that “Mayor Bloomberg scored another win in the battle of the billionaires Wednesday when cosmetics king Ron Lauder ‘reluctantly’ agreed to back a bill allowing a third term run.”

So, how, as many have noted on the New York Times‘ site in reader comments (where I find the truth of the matter comes out), did this become all about Ronald Lauder’s wishes? Solely because he has the money to oppose the Mayor?

What is wrong with this picture? The News further reports:

Lauder, who last week agreed to a one-time extension tailored for Bloomberg, was back on the fence this week because the bill called for a permanent change.

The two reached a truce Wednesday after a meeting in which it was resolved that Lauder will serve on a “Charter Revision Commission” to put the question on the ballot in 2010.

“At that point, I will vigorously support a return to a two-term limit,” said Lauder, who in a statement called the agreement “the best solution to make sure we have a steady hand at the wheel during the financial emergency.”

Bloomberg said he was “proud” to have the support of Lauder, who bankrolled the referendums that created and upheld term limits in the 1990s.

Other than being an heir to the cosmetic empire, I’m not sure how involved Lauder is in the Estee Lauder company but someone on the Times‘ site noted that the corporation has “a section titled “Citizenship” – in which it states:

“At the Estée Lauder Companies, we are committed to working together with uncompromising ethics and integrity.”

Perhaps Ron Lauder ought to re-read that section.

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