Part VII: Update on NYC's Redesign of Washington Square Park — The Dog Runs

Here are the final parts of Washington Square Park Blog‘s series Update on NYC’s Redesign of Washington Square Park. This has been focusing on information on the redesign work thus far and what’s in store. I’ll post Part VIII next (yes, there are now eight parts!).

The Dog Runs

There will be a small and large dog run, both located along Washington Square South, relocated from their previous locations within the park. One or both (note: I need to clarify this) of the dog runs will be open 24 hours with a sidewalk entrance which will be open at all times (extended hours from midnight to 6 a.m.).

Small dog run will be located on Washington Square South between LaGuardia Place and Thompson Street. It will be 2 x as large as the previous small dog run.

Large dog run will remain the same size and will be located on Washington Square South between Sullivan and Thompson Street.

Causes for concern:

The dog run locations and their proximity to the street increases the chance of a dog getting out of the dog run, entering the street and being hit by a car. There also is not as much shade in these locations.

Suggestions from the Community at the Meeting: Increasing the size of the large dog run by possibly reducing some of the grassy area and expanding the dog run into it. Someone mentioned that people watch the dogs and since a prime spot in the new location to view the dog run will be the sidewalk, this will increase traffic along an already heavily trafficked route.

It was also mentioned that the WSP dog runs are really only one of two possible off-leash locations south of 57th Street. Previously, East River Park was an option but that got artificial turf-ed and Christopher Street Pier is “no longer” (I assume because it got prettified and absorbed into Hudson River Park).


Stay tuned… there’s more!

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3 thoughts on “Part VII: Update on NYC's Redesign of Washington Square Park — The Dog Runs”

  1. I don’t even go looking for them, but I know of at least 4 different dog runs below 57th street. I would be willing to bet there are more that I don’t know about. Actually I just spent 10 seconds on google to find this: looks like a bit more than 2 dog runs.

    I live near WSP and hate the redesign…but I hate it when people don’t take even a few moments to check their facts…even on a blog you should check things that are easy to check…

  2. Hi J,

    You’re right. That comment was based on a statement by someone AT the meeting who coordinates a dog run and walks dogs. I would typically reconfirm this but I had reason to believe it was an accurate statement. I am checking with the person to confirm what she meant as far as the off-leash options below 57th Street and will revise if that’s wrong, and also do some of my own research.

    Thanks for checking out the blog & for this information!

    WSP Blog


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