Part V: Update on NYC's Redesign of Washington Square Park – The Playground

A brief update on status of upcoming Phase II work on the Playground on North side between the Arch and Washington Square East:

-Surprisingly, no design or designer has been chosen for the playground which will be “enlarged” to 8000 square feet.**

-If completely renovated, the playground will be closed for one year.

-Will there be a temporary playground ? No determination yet.

-Parks Department (surprise!) would like to hear “what you want and what you need.”

-There will be play for older children where the “mounds” are on the Southwest side. (Not sure what that means for the curious “mounds” which I believe will be preserved.)

* * *

**What is the square footage now? It looks like some nice mature trees could be sacrificed with any enlarging of this space.

* * *

Stay tuned, there’s more! … If you’re just getting started, find Part I here.

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