Politics As Puppetry Provides a Report Back of Washington Sq Park Blog's Walking Tour: A Guide to NYC's Redesign of a Perfect Public Space

Politics as Puppetry Blog attended WSP Blog’s Walking Tour this past Sunday, July 27th. The tour, “Washington Square Park – Past, Present and Future: A Guide to NYC’s Redesign of a Perfect Public Space,” is an initiative of this blog and the Washington Square Community Improvement District(CID).

Politics as Puppetry gives a report back on the Walking Tour! There’s great photos and commentary which help put the pieces of the redesign together (while still leaving a lot of questions about the “why” factor).

You can read about it here.

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4 thoughts on “Politics As Puppetry Provides a Report Back of Washington Sq Park Blog's Walking Tour: A Guide to NYC's Redesign of a Perfect Public Space”

  1. I was so bummed to have missed the tour. We just moved here and are having trouble with our old landlord. I’ll be at the Parks meeting next week though. I want to be involved in this.

  2. Hi Tara,

    Thanks for staying in touch and keeping up with the blog during your move to NYC. There’ll be another tour – probably in September.

    It’d be great to have you involved!

    What Parks meeting? 🙂

    WSP Blog

  3. Hi Cathryn, I’m glad to hear that there will be another tour! I’m also so grateful for your blog because it has really been the only up to date, comprehensive site about what is happening in the park. I went to the full board meeting last week where they didn’t bring up Washington Square Park more than once when a lady made a comment about the wheel chair ramps in the redesign. Besides that brief mention, nothing was said about Washington Square Park. Gerson was there and listed all of the “great news” he had to share about a million and one other things, plus laid out what his focus will be for the next few months and then said “Well, that’s about it!” and walked away without one word about Washington Square Park. Christine Quinn’s speaker was there and pretended like the park didn’t exist as well. No other board member dared to suggest otherwise. Anyway, at this meeting, I ended up with a calendar for August that says there is a Parks meeting on Wednesday the 6th at 6:30pm, though it doesn’t say where it will be held. There is also a Landmark’s meeting on August the 11th. I’m hoping they’ll put some info up on the CB2 website soon (they only have July info up now), but who knows. I want to see what they are up to… Thanks again for all you do with this blog! I’m looking to be very active in making a difference for the park. I’ve definitely been thinking a lot about what we can do, and would love to unite with others who are doing the same. This blog is so vital in inspiring people to action… It certainlly has inspired me. Information is essential in any insane situation like this.

  4. Hi Tara,

    Thank you for your kind words and putting yourself into action! It is MUCH appreciated. This update is appreciated as well — love the update on Alan Gerson’s presentation!

    Hopefully, the CB2 calendar will be updated tomorrow.

    We may do a Community Improvement District outreach ‘session’ in the Park one weekend soon or late afternoon. Maybe you can meet up with us?

    Thanks so much!



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