"Cinderella Samba" for Kids coming to Washington Square Park Wednesday, July 23, 10:30 a.m.

"Puppets in the Parks" Production
Cinderella Samba: "Puppets in the Parks" Production

It’s called Cinderella Samba and it’s making its way through the New York City Parks. A “puppet production” (as opposed to show?), New York magazine provides the background: “Set in the lush landscape of Brazil, this puppet version of the timeless fairy tale finds Cinderella and her prince in a samba contest at the carnival ball.”

This photo was taken at the production at Greenbelt Recreation Center on Staten Island and shows Cinderella, “pre-transformation,” and “Eeka” Mouse. The show is put on by the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater.

Cinderella Samba will be presented

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