Vanishing New York Blog's One Year Anniversary

I enjoy reading Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York Blog. It’s somewhat bittersweet. Jeremiah (not his real name) frames everything so perfectly. The issues and places being framed are somewhat sad in themselves, as his framework is the vanishing of New York. He chronicles the places as they go and mentions the ones he hopes will stay. Things move so quickly in CEO Mayor Bloomberg’s New York. I suppose in the back of everyone’s minds – who chronicles the changes – is a hope that it will all stall just-a-little-bit. Under Mayor Bloomberg…? I don’t know if that is possible. But there’s always hope.

VNY writes: “The blog has connected me to new people, both in person and electronically. It also reacquainted me with New York. For awhile, I’d been turning away from the city, a place where I no longer feel at home. But writing the blog forced me to turn outward again. It sent me out walking and got me to travel around Manhattan and the outer boroughs to seek and find what remains.”

Sometimes I feel that way also. All of a sudden looking at everything in a different, brighter light. Appreciating things I took for granted, including Washington Square Park. Somehow appreciating them almost makes it harder. And yet, I can’t imagine doing anything else.

if you haven’t checked out Vanishing New York, do so. It’s his blog’s one year anniversary today.

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