More old trees cut down at Union Square Park

Timber !  at Union Square May 08This amazing tree, a Siberian Elm, was cut down at Union Square Park last week. I would say that this tree was most likely between 80 and 100 years old.

It would seem fitting that the media, which is always capturing Mayor Bloomberg and NYC Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe at their “tree-planting” photo ops, would capture the sadness – and the reality – that is embodied in this shot.

14 trees are being axed at Union Square Park. 14 trees have been chain sawed at Washington Square Park – thus far. (In both instances, just because they were in the way of their grand and unnecessary redesign plans.) I’ve documented the tree destruction under Mayor Bloomberg that has occurred throughout our city’s parks.

When will the New York City Parks Department start treating the trees in our urban environment with the respect and care they deserve? The trees are part of these parks – their history and environment. They are not just expendable.

I will run additional photos to show just how barren Union Square Park looks now tomorrow.

Thank you to Jessica Alfieri for documenting what’s been going on there.

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