Where is N.Y. Dosas ? Missing at Washington Square Park

N.Y. Dosas, Washington Square Park‘s much acclaimed vegan food cart stationed on the south side, returned on May 15th to the Park after a four month break! However, a poster wrote in on Thursday, May 22nd saying he came in search of the famous dosas (vegetarian crepes from South India) with no success – no cart in sight. And today, at the Park, no sign again of N.Y. Dosas. I don’t know how the food cart permits are regulated but I would think they are rather competitive. It seems a bit odd that someone could take a four month break and return to the same spot and then have irregular hours. N.Y. Dosas’ Thiru Kumar won an award last year for best food cart (something called The Vendys). He was there last Sunday, fittingly, for the Veggie Pride Parade. Hopefully, he’ll return soon.

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  1. I worked across the street for several years and patronized the cart often. He does, in fact, keep irregular hours, taking days off in favor of catering private events, which I’m sure is much less stressful and pays better. So fear not, he’ll return soon.


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