1 thought on “Squirrel at Washington Square Park – Oops!”

  1. This will be linked to applepreserves.net, which I finally have managed to get up and running again after some technical snag. That, plus my busy time working for the Asian Longhorned Beetle program, has delayed my upkeep of the site.

    This is unfortunate, because the privitization of the parks is a huge issue with me, as these restrictions devalue NYC parks as retreats for its citizens. The removal of old growth trees becomes part of such restrictions. Are these great monuments to nature, which shade, beautify and clean the environment for everyone, less important than yet another expensive restaurant which not everyone can afford?

    The history that these trees represent, the lore, and the practicalities like shelter from the sun and refuge to what little wildlife we have, cannot be measured in dollars and cents.

    Furthermore, while I cannot speak officially for the USDA, I have worked many overtime hours for years, protecting these trees against Asian Longhorned Beetles, as part of my regular job. Seeing them cut down now tells me, in my own personal opinion, that federal taxpayer dollars have been wasted. This is just one program I speak of. I wonder now how much money has been spent preserving them via the Parks Dept of NYC and through private donors, only to toss them.

    How can Mayor Bloomberg tell people with a straight face, that he wants to make New York a green city, when these vital, large-sized trees are going down in Union Square, Washington Square, and who knows what other parks?


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