Washington Square Park Summer

The Latest at the Park

NYPD Western end of park
Holley Statue graffitied
New “Playground” sign
The “Mounds”
New: No Charging for Games Signs
Chess Plaza
The sad state of the James Jackson 1799 headstone plaque
Women’s Restrooms

Bathrooms “open later seasonally”? Time not reflected (pretty sure it used to be).

Fountain Plaza & The Arch
Tree around Fountain Plaza

Oh, the saga of the trees on the Fountain Plaza.

The sad dead tree stump by Garibaldi Stage

Recently, we saw the demise of this Elm tree by the Garibaldi Plaza stage. The one tree providing some shade there. More to come on this. Too many trees have died at the park over the last 15 years – as predicted by many before park (redesign and other) construction began.

Garibaldi Statue
The Arch

Photos: Cathryn

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