NYPD Still Guarding the Washington Square Arch

In late June, the Arch at Washington Square Park was doused with red paint. This occurred after the NYPD attacked protesters the previous evening at the Queer Liberation March for Black Lives against police brutality with pepper spray and batons. The protests were tied to an important milestone: the 51st Anniversary of the Stonewall riots which took place right near this famous Greenwich Village park.

Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York reported that the front and back of the Arch were splashed with red paint and “crime scene body outlines” were drawn rimming the fountain plaza also in red paint.

Immediately afterwards, the Arch was barricaded and officers from the New York City Police Department have been guarding the monument. They remain there to this day, almost three months later. The officers do not wear masks.

Arch barricaded

NYPD guarding the Arch without masks

Photos: Cathryn

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