Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Cat Milo Missing in Greenwich Village

The actress/singer posted signs around Washington Square Park to find the feline who has been missing since January 15th

Milo Missing Cat Poster Greenwich Village
Walking around Washington Square Park, plastered around the park’s perimeter, you will find multiple signs featuring an adorable light grey cat, Milo, which read: “Lost! Reward if Found.” Milo is the missing cat of actress-singer Charlotte Gainsbourg and her partner, actor-director Yvan Attal, who reside in New York City. The 8-year-old cat is a “grey and lilac British Shorthair Male Fluffy” with “big yellow eyes.”

Charlotte Gainsbourg writes: “Chère New York. Please help return my beloved Milo. We would do anything to have him back! With love, Charlotte.”

Milo the cat missing in Greenwich Village
What a love

Milo cat missing Greenwich Village

Milo was last seen on West 12th Street, blocks from the park

Milo was last seen on January 15th on West 12th Street between 5th and 6th Avenues. According to Ms. Gainsbourg’s assistant, Clare Dingle, Milo is “very friendly, not all that skittish.” They realized he was missing about “36-48 hours” after they believe he got outside. Neighbors on the block have been spoken to but so far Milo has not turned up. The cat was microchipped in France but the number has also been registered here in the U.S.: #250 268 720 083556. He was last seen on the actual street (12th Street).

Please be on the lookout (late at night would seem an opportune time), and if you spot Milo, contact Charlotte at #617.257.6502 or Yvan at #917.809.0073.

I’ve read of many tips on how to find a lost cat, putting their litter outside, articles of their guardian’s clothing, food. And I’m trying to imagine a cat, not used to being outside on the New York City streets, roaming Greenwich Village undetected. A cat could hide in stairwells, perhaps make his or her way to the backyards, and maybe even end up in a park!

Milo Greenwich Village cat

We’re rooting for you, Milo.
Missing Cat Flyer Milo Greenwich Village
Top and bottom photos: Cathryn
Photos of Milo: courtesy Charlotte Gainsbourg

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