NYC Firefighters Free Child Stuck in Washington Square Park Fountain

So, this happened at the park on Sunday. It’s not the first time someone has gotten their foot stuck in the famous fountain’s center jets in recent years but for FDNY … serious response!

Via West Village Patch:

A huge crowd gathered at the Washington Square Park fountain on Sunday afternoon got to watch as firefighters rescued a child who had gotten stuck in the jets, according to video and officials.

The child had gotten stuck in the famed park fountain around 3:30 p.m., bringing more than a dozen emergency responders to the middle platform that typically sits in the center of a pool of water, according to an FDNY spokesperson and video.

The emergency responders used soap and water to free the child after draining the fountain’s water, video shows.

The rescue, which happened within minutes, came along with cheers from a crowd of onlookers that gathered on the surrounding steps.

“Although it’s unclear how exactly the youth got themselves into this predicament, one thing can be said for certain: a situation such as this was no challenge for the cadre of firefighters responding to the scene,” Citizen App, where onlookers broadcast the rescue, wrote.

More at this link.

Wondering… Did these type things happen prior to the redesign and move of the fountain 22 feet east to “align” with the Arch 10 years ago?

Photo via Citizen app.

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