Washington Square Park Spring Scene / May Day Captured in One Image

This image says so much about what you will experience on a spring day at Washington Square Park, taken yesterday, also May Day. Rallies were held May 1st at Union Square Park and WSP.

Via Instagram, photographer Salomea Tabagari writes, “If you do what u love, it is the best way to relax.”

Especially if it is a place you love! The image features The Lady Jacqueline – she looks like a real fairy! Also, the Arch and May Day activities in the background and the woman in the floral dress capturing it all.

Gothamist (who knew Gothamist was back? not me…) reported on this year’s May Day NYC here, including some great photos and history of the day:

May Day began in 1889 to commemorate the Haymarket Affair, in which workers in Chicago were killed for demonstrating in support of the 8-hour workday. Today it’s centered specifically on worker power and changing the world’s economic system. Recently May Day has also been incorporated into the litany of actions and movements that condemn President Trump.

Photo: Salomea Tabagari

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8 thoughts on “Washington Square Park Spring Scene / May Day Captured in One Image”

    • *woman = Lady Jacqueline

      Also, Gothamshite should just go away and stay away. The steal contents from other blogs. Dobkin and Chung are already fine financially after selling out to that billionaire. Now they electronically begged and crowdfunded their s(h)ite.

      • I have had my issues with Gothamist, not giving credit to this blog as a source for stories. I was surprised to see the crowdfunding aspect now. This blog could use genuine crowdfunding support while I am sure they are fine.

        Thanks for your comments.

    • Seriously … who knows what this next phase will bring? Privatized forces behind scenes working to edge in further… and drive out what makes WSP so special.

      Cathryn, WSP Blog

  1. The cops have never had any issue with me, but recently there has been increased pressure by the Park police to remove me from the benches because I take up too much room. Usually my display is much larger! This is my 4 the Season doing this btw. I make it all in memory of my daughter Vylette Moon who was absolute perfection but destroyed at birth by gross midwife malpractice during Thanksgiving weekend of November 2011. I create an ever growing endless Rainbow party in her divine honor. She made me into her Faerie Mother and I am forever changed. (Search Justice for Vylette for our story)

    • Hi The Lady Jacqueline,

      Thank you for sharing your story, both of the PEP (Park Enforcement Patrol) trying to remove you from benches (!) and of your lovely daughter. I am so so sorry, and this is a lovely way to honor her. I will definitely look to read your story.

      Hope to meet you in the park soon. We all need more faerie energy around us!


  2. Well unfortunately that was my second to last time i was in the park. I’m not allowed in without a table. The park officer came up to me and angrily told me I’m not allowed to sit there anymore. She said if I am there again and do not follow their guidelines of how exactly I need to display my art, they will issue a summons or possibly arrest me. Devastated , I have not been back since. My friend Tina who makes felt pigeons is no longer allowed, nor is the sandman or people who make bubbles. If you don’t have a table you’re out.. no creation allowed unless you do as they say. It’s a very sad time for art in the city. This was my home. I’ve been depressed ever since this happened!


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