Alas… Garibaldi

The statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi in Washington Square Park was moved during the park’s controversial redesign (2007-2014+) from his long-standing location facing west looking towards the fountain to face south, where he is now. Garibaldi – 1807-1882 – had a most interesting life; he lived on Staten Island at one point, interacted with and influenced President Abraham Lincoln, and is most known for his “achievement of Italian unification” – which is why he has a statue in this famous Greenwich Village park.

More on NYPD presence and all those lights in the park next …

Photo: Cathryn

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2 thoughts on “Alas… Garibaldi”

    • Hi Mary,

      It may be hard to see but someone wrote “Alas” on the statue in chalk. I had lightened the photo but put the original up now – although still may be hard to see. But your guess could be an ‘alas’ too.

      Thanks for your comment,


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