View from ‘Above’ of Washington Square Park Fall 2017

This ‘above’ photo is the view of the park from NYU Kimmel Center taken yesterday when I was there for a conference. If you look closely, you can see there is a performance in the fountain and it is lined with people at its rim watching. You will note the missing trees in four spots around the fountain, once home to perpetually dying trees*, remain vacant despite word from the Park Administrator in June that they would be replaced “in the fall.” (I guess there is still time…?) Also, note those shadows from the NYU buildings that fall upon the park; activists, including Jane Jacobs, fought against the construction of the nearby Bobst Library, built in 1972, claiming “it was too big for its building site, and that the tall building would cast a large shadow over neighboring Washington Square Park, obstructing sunlight from public spaces.” (Source: Wikipedia)

Photo: Cathryn

*Search “dying trees around fountain” to read more at this blog about this ongoing saga.

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