Late Summer at Washington Square: In Photos

Abandon Hope at the Southeast corner? Hope not!
Delayed sidewalk repair, along Washington Square East, delayed further due to water main construction, coming at some point soon:
Sidewalks Eastern End Washington Square Park Delayed Construction
Pigeons Washington Square Park
Tree work, pruning and maintenance, continued throughout the park:
washington square park tree work continues
Garibaldi! The statue had some markings on it; a PEP (park enforcement patrol) officer noticed it immediately and took a picture to report it:
Garibaldi statue Washington Square Park
Garibaldi Statue Washington Square Park
Empty tree pit, site of former tree; many have, sadly, repeatedly died around fountain (reported here at the blog) leaving the plaza somewhat stark:
Washington Square Park Arch missing tree
tree work washington square park
Arch Washington Square Park
fountain plaza missing tree washington square park
cats rule washington square park fountain plaza
fountain washington square park summer
Receta Secreta performs:
Receta Secreta band washington square park
Alexander Holley Statue: Can you spot the pigeon ?
alexander holley statue and pigeon washington square park
Looking back, corner Washington Square Northwest:
washington square park northwest corner

Photos: Cathryn

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