Washington Square Summer: Drummers Take Over Garibaldi Plaza, A Tree Falls, Fountain Flows

This all-female drumming group, Fogo Azul NYC (which means Blue Heat), is excellent. I have no idea if this recent performance at the park was scheduled or impromptu but the Brazilian marching band took over Garibaldi Plaza last Wednesday evening and delighted all:fogo azul drummers washington square park summer 2
fogo azul drummers washington square park 1
fogo azul drummers garibaldi plaza washington square park 3
fogo azul washington square park summer 4
The seating was still in place for Washington Square Music Festival (last show of the season at the park is Tuesday night 6/27!).

Garibaldi watches over things...
Garibaldi watches over things…

A tree fell down along Washington Square East early last week on Monday:
tree down washington square east 1
It was quickly cleared:
tree cleared washington square park east 2

Speaking of trees...
Speaking of trees…

Fourteen trees have died around the Washington Square fountain over the last eight years (some planted and replanted in the same locations and dying each time in a major design fail). Let ‘s hope this one above is not next! It has hung on a long while although top of the tree does not look great.

I have been reading the book “The Secret Life of Plants” which talks about how plants can register feelings directed towards them so want to send only good vibes to this tree. Stop and touch it, send it good vibes when you walk by!
washington square park lawn summer 1

The mysterious statue man...
The mysterious statue man…

fountain washington square park summer 1

Photos: Cathryn

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