Washington Square at Night |Fountain Turned On Early This Year!

When the Washington Square fountain will turn on each year has been the subject of many blog posts over the years (such as this one). It is now jetting water for 2017!washington-square-park-fountain-nighttime-2017
The fountain was turned on early, by almost a month. Typically, the median time the water begins spouting has been mid-May-ish although some years it has been later.

Here are some other photos taken at the park last night:

Art under the Arch
Art under the Arch
Justice Pour Theo
Justice Pour Theo

[More on Justice Pour Theo here, a high profile abuse of a young man by police in Paris.]

Garibaldi reigns supreme
Garibaldi reigns supreme
Northwest Quadrant
Northwest Quadrant & Tulips

Has anyone noticed these lights on this tree in the Northwest Quadrant along Washington Square North? Who decided to put lights there? I am sure there is a story there. One worth finding out…

Photos: Cathryn

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