#RevolutionaryLOVE Fills Washington Square Park as “Artistic Uprising” Reclaims Valentine’s Day

A colorful and vibrant rally, “Artistic Uprising: Call for Revolutionary Love,” overflowed Washington Square Park’s Garibaldi Plaza Tuesday night, Valentine’s Day, with a wide and diverse array of readings, rantings, speeches, music, poetry, drums & dance. The focus: to “extend love to marginalized communities under direct threat by this administration” and speak up for those “now in harm’s way.”

Playwright, author, activist Eve Ensler, who organized the event as part of V-Day’s One Billion Rising worldwide campaign, introduced the event:

Author Michael Cunningham with the Rant Box
Author Michael Cunningham with “The Rant Box”
Actress Rosario Dawson and Ensler
Actress Rosario Dawson and Ensler
StaceyAnn Chin
StaceyAnn Chin



And pre-Event, Setting Up:

Ensler and Cunningham
Ensler and Cunningham
Garibaldi awaits...
Garibaldi awaits…

Performers & speakers included: Mike Albo, Ryan Amador, Donna Auston, BETTY, Justin Vivian Bond, Great Caesar, Staceyann Chin, Kate Clinton, Julissa Contreras, Michael Cunningham, Eve Ensler, Laura Flanders, FogoAzul NYC, Dan Fogler, Alixa Garcia of Climbing PoeTree, Suzanne Gardinier, Judy Gold, Kana H, Valarie Kaur, James Lecesne, Amy León, Dana Levinson, Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis, Middle Collegiate Church, Ian Pai, Carmen Perez, Gloreatha Phillips, Kashish Shamsi, Ally Sheedy, Casey Spooner, Elizabeth Streb, New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer, Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Kiah Victoria

Note: I was involved in various aspects of the planning build-up to this event.


Tomorrow: Friday, February 17th at the Park is the NYC Solidarity Rally for the General Strike from 2-5 p.m.

Photos 1 – 8: Anna Webber/Getty via Zimbio
Photos 9 & 10: Cathryn

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Artistic Uprising: Call for “Revolutionary Love” at Washington Square Park Valentine’s Day February 14th

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