Sketching Washington Square

sketch washington square park arch
Artist Jane Wingfield sketched this charming scene at Washington Square Park in the summer of 2015 while visiting New York City from her home base of Olympia, Washington.

Wingfield said she was inspired by New Yorker Melanie Reim, an award-winning illustrator and teacher at the Fashion Institute of Technology, also an Urban Sketcher. Via Sketchbook Skool, an online art school, Wingfield studied with Reim who presented a “video demo done in Washington Square Park.” Jane said, “While I was sketching [in the park] I was remembering Melanie’s demonstration.”

On her web site, Wingfield describes what draws her to urban sketching: “What I love about urban sketching is that it gets me out in the world. I can do art anywhere I am – no need for a studio with expensive materials. I believe that art enriches our lives immensely and I love sharing the experience of opening our eyes to see the world one sketch at a time.”

When not in New York, Wingfield sketches with the Seattle Urban Sketchers.

More of her work can be viewed here at

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