Latest at 176 MacDougal: Formerly Shakespeare’s, Then Hong Wah Laundromat, Victim of Suspicious Fire, is Now Spina Bride | Payphone Still There!

176 macdougal street greenwich village
176 MacDougal Street, one block from the park, has a long history as both a much-loved Village restaurant, Shakespeare’s, in the 1970s until the early 90s and then a much needed community laundromat, Hong Wah, which was sadly felled by a suspicious fire in early 2013.
176 macdougal street greenwich village
In 2014, Spina Florist put down roots in the space but has now switched up to Spina Bride, a transition which took place earlier this year.
spina bride 176 macdougal street greenwich village

No matter what the changes, surprisingly, the pay phone outside is not only still there – but it works! The horse shoe over the door remains as well.

payphone 176 macdougal street greenwich village

I thought at some point I wrote about the span of time Hong Wah Laundromat was there – I think they took over the space in the late 1990s – it was a pretty long while. The suspicious 2013 fire, deemed electrical in nature, led to the closing of the laundromat just a few months before the much-anticipated Stumptown Coffee moved in next door in June.

The rent reportedly tripled for the next tenant.

For a period until 1967, the space was occupied by the Jumble Shop Tap Room. (Sometimes referred to as Tea Room.)

Jumble Shop MacDougal Street Greenwich Village
Jumble Shop Tap Room 1960s at 176 MacDougal

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Photos: Cathryn
except Jumble Shop via Ephemeral New York

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