“Mystery” “Disco” Ball Makes Pit Stop at Dead Tree Pit at Washington Square Park, Then Moves on

mystery-disco-ball-washington-square-park-1The things that will make news on the internet! For me, the most interesting thing about this alternately deemed “mystery ball” (EV Grieve) aka “Disco Ball” (Twitter) was that it made a pit stop, literally, in a dead tree pit around the Fountain Plaza – where it fit perfectly, I might add – over the weekend on Saturday.

If you are not aware of the perpetually dying trees around the Washington Square Park Fountain  – there are now four empty tree pits – search: perpetually dying trees around Fountain Plaza at this blog.

Apparently, before the dead tree pit stop, this ball made a stop at Webster Hall in the East Village.

Saturday, March 26th:

The back of it had unconnected cords but it was tied up:
Then, Sunday March 27th: After its stop around the Fountain, it was moved at some point to the Thompson Street entrance at WSP.


Anything that keeps the park from being (increasingly) sanitized, I am pretty much in favor of.

Art project to see what random things people will talk about on the internet?

Photos: Cathryn

except bottom one
via Twitter: Joe Gallagher

** More weekend photos and the stories they tell coming. **

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