Community-Sponsored Free Events at Union Square Pavilion: Renaissance Singers March 20th & Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating March 26th

Ukrainian eggsAt last! The Pavilion at Union Square Park will host two community-programmed events this month before the space returns to commercial use. You might recall the battle waged by the Union Square Community Coalition, New York City Park Advocates, Union Square Not for Sale, and other groups & individuals to stop the placement of the restaurant in the historic Pavilion. Ultimately, this was not successful: a private restaurant operates in the space now from April to October. (More on this to come.)

Get in there while you can! The Union Square Park Pavilion will be used for two unique community events, set up by the Union Square Community Coalition, on Sunday, March 20th and Saturday, March 26th.

On Sunday, March 20th from 2 – 4 p.m., The Renaissance Street Singers, free:

The Renaissance Street Singers, founded in 1973, perform 15th and 16th century music a cappella on the sidewalks and in the public spaces of New York City.

Renaissance street singers
Renaissance street singers

On Saturday, March 26th from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Ukrainian Easter Egg Decorating, free:

A Ukrainian Easter egg decorating workshop will take place for children and adults.

More information:

For centuries, Ukrainians have been creating pysanky [pronounced (“peh-san-keh”) using a batik process. Eggs represent life and were given to friends as a symbol of good fortune and protection from harm. With Christianity’s acceptance in the year 988, the pysanka, a symbol of rebirth, became a part of Ukrainian Easter tradition.

Eggs are dyed, starting with the lightest color and then adding progressively darker colors, usually ending with black. A stylus and hot beeswax are used to cover the color beneath. Whatever is covered with beeswax remains that color and is protected from the next dye. At the end the beeswax is removed revealing the many layers of color.

Please note: As the decorating involves candles and hot beeswax, children under 10 must be accompanied by a parent.

Both events are free and take place in the Pavilion at Union Square Park along East 16th Street, east of Broadway.

These events are presented by The Union Square Community Coalition, a non-profit community organization that since 1980 has fought to improve the use of Union Square Park for children and all community residents.

Top Photo: Anna L. Sawaryn

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