Personalities of Washington Sq: Paul the Birdman

This video features a sweet side of the park: Paul the Birdman, his interactions with the pigeons and people amidst them. Shot in 2014, it reveals that Paul calls himself Paul Birdie Bird “just like Snoop Doggy Dogg” and the spot where he meets up with the birds: Bird Street.

It was filmed by Mindia Midelashvili, a multimedia artist and photographer presently based in NYC. In sending the clip, Midelashvili wrote, “I made this video story about Paul, the pigeon man that is kind of part of the park.” Indeed he is.

On the YouTube page, Mindia describes one interaction:

I knew when I first met him that I would be seeing him more. I knew we would talk and I would hear many fascinating things from him. I sit next to him and look for a moment of a good shot while chatting.

Place where he is sitting in Washington Square Park he calls Bird Street. He calls himself Paul Birdie Bird, just like Snoop Doggy Dog, he explains. Paul seems sad from inside, but he treats everybody with smile and jokes. He has this unique vibe, so everyone stops instinctively and smiles. They see a mature man sitting there, all adorned with pigeons. Yes, he is all emblazoned like this, cause pigeons are racing to take better place, closer to Paul… Food? Yes, they are hungry, but that is not the only reason why they are so attached to him. They just love Paul. Everyone loves him. Two girls brought hot coffee for him, he was so pleased-Come on, why I deserve this, guys- he said, but hot drink warmed his hands.

…And that’s just how it is. Paul gives his unconditional love to pigeons and pigeons spread this emotion all over New York City.

Lots of tourist come to New York City to see famous sights, but there is much more to be seen- people of NYC that carry huge love and are ready to share it with you.

They can’t be found in Tourist guide books, you need to open your heart and spot them yourself.

As the character of New York City seems to march off with each new shiny glass building, and rare artists are replaced by too many bankers, will we lose people like this? experiences like this? uniqueness like this?

Thanks, Mindia, for shooting this video and sharing your experience filming Paul.
Paul birdman pigeons washington square park
pigeons in sky washington square park

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