Wondrous Winter Day at Washington Square: Snow, an Igloo & Broken Resolutions (Photos)

The amazing thing about Washington Square Park is, that, even on a somewhat cold winter day, what you encounter will likely still surprise you. Although the snow is sort of at that slushy stage, the park rarely disappoints with its interesting mix of people, unique activities and wildlife. Also, mini-updates on the sidewalks and (dead) trees. Shown in photos:

Northwest Corner (Hangmans Elm hanging on!): Northwest corner Washington Square Park
Sidewalk Half of West Side: No Longer Under Construction:
sidewalk complete washington square park
sidewalk pavers washington square park
PEP (Parks Enforcement Patrol Officer) at WSP: winter-day-washington-square-park-6
New York Dosas in the house:
New York Dosas Washington Square Park
Chess Plaza:Chess Plaza Winter Washington Square Park
Mound of Snow Washington Square Park
Parks Department Snow Remover (seemed to have leaked gasoline):
snow remover washington square park parks department
washington square park
The Washington Square Park Fountain in the Snow
pigeons lights washington square park
Still empty tree pit where trees have died repeatedly; around the Fountain (one of four locations – blog post to come on this):still empty dead tree pit Washington Square Park
Sister Wendy Tzeng with the Mormon Church tries something different at Washington Square, engaging parks goers; Sister Pressley below:
sister Wendy Tzeng What resolutions have you broken Washington Square Park
close up broken resolutions
Broken resolutions Washington Square Park
Garibaldi statue washington square park
Igloo in Process via James: Igloo in Process Washington Square Park
James, building an igloo
Pigeon on bench washington square park
Trees NE Washington Square Park
Fountain Plaza Washington Square Park
The Arch Washington Square Park
Arch Washington Square Park
Photos: Cathryn

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  1. Hi Mary, good point! The trail seemed to end there but there was a lot of it and it was on the path, not in the location it was parked. But you are likely right. Thanks –



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