Washington Square, A View In: The Tree Arrives & More at the Park


Washington Square Park Tree Arrives 2015 Under the Arch
Washington Square Park Tree Arrives Under the Arch

The memorial remains for Paris victims to the west of the Arch:

Washington Square Park France Memorial Near Arch New York City Greenwich Village
Washington Square Park France Memorial Near Arch

There were some people watching this man’s act in the Fountain. I am not certain exactly what it entailed but props for trying in late November:

fountain act washington square park late november
act in the fountain

The signs on the fountain plaza discouraging bathing or swimming were moved to be more prominent. They are pretty unattractive which Community Board 2 Parks Committee member Honi Klein brought up repeatedly some years back when they were higher up and less obvious with no resolution:

fountain sign washington square park new york city
fountain sign washington square park

As many of you know, there once was a tree here (below) and in two other places around the fountain which are now empty pits. The fountain plaza trees have died repeatedly over the last five years since the park reopened post its controversial redesign, also with no resolution. It is a flaw with the actual design which is killing off the trees but apparently no one wants to challenge the park re-designer – who shouldn’t have any say anymore, should he? These (live and now numerous dead, at least twelve or thirteen at last count) trees replaced healthy forty-year old Ginkgo Bilobas that were axed to relocate the fountain to “align” with the Arch:

formerly living tree dead trees around fountain washington square park
location of formerly living tree
View from Fifth Avenue Washington Square Park Greenwich Village Christmas Tree
View from Fifth Avenue

Visit here for information about the tree lighting and upcoming caroling events.

Photos: Cathryn

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