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Fountain and Arch at night summer Washington Square Park
Fountain and Arch at Night

Update 6/9: So, this week it looks like Wednesday 6/10! (Still working how it will work out. Stay tuned…)

I am going to get a schedule going on the blog. I have changed this around over the years. In the beginning, I published blog posts pretty much every day Monday to Friday … and, at various times, I have still done this. Years back, I sometimes took weeks off from posting during the summers. On average, I have posted two to three times a week. There is never a shortage of material but there can be a shortage of time and energy to write up the posts. As far as a schedule, I am looking at a set day of the week, for the summer at least (this could change) – it looks like it will be either always posting on Mondays (that seems to be a natural day that people check in) or else Tuesdays. Whichever day it is, the goal would be for a bunch of posts to all go up on that day.

If you have thoughts on this, let me know in the comments.

And, yes, I have an update on last week’s Community Board 2 public hearing on the music levels at the park coming next.

Thanks, as always, for reading, sharing and commenting —


nightttime blue sky arch washington square park
The Blue of this night sky against the (LED) lighting of the Arch was pretty incredible

Photos: Cathryn

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