In The News… Caffe Dante Closing, Madison Square Continued Commercialization, Coney Island Boardwalk Fight…

Caffe Dante
Caffe Dante

Just short of 100 years old, Caffe Dante on MacDougal Street sadly closing!, Vanishing New York

Petrosino Square lawsuit: bike parking vs. art space – appeal heard in court today, A Walk in the Park

Many of us have experienced this – the place we get things done, connect, meet up with others, write, closes without a chance to say goodbye… Yvonne Cassidy’s Ode to Montague Street’s Connecticut Muffin is worth reading at Brooklyn Heights Blog. Cassidy travelled from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to Brooklyn Heights to write in this space and they prepared her order before she even sat down. She wrote a lovely ode to the spot. (I have felt that way about certain coffee shops. As for Cassidy finding a new spot – NO to Park Slope Barnes & Noble Starbucks! There are better spaces nearby although, also sadly, the Tea Lounge closed recently – that was my regular spot for a long time.)

Flatiron Pedestrian Plaza/Madison Square Park as concert venue replacing Times Square? This is what parks and pedestrian plazas are being used for, A Walk in the Park Blog (The issue with the park usage here seems to be shutting most of it down, yet somehow it was incorporated to view the concert which took over and disrupted the bordering Flatiron District.)

On Brooklyn Bridge Park, “By Blocking View of Brooklyn Bridge, a Building Incites a Battle” via New York Times

The Fight to Save the Coney Island Boardwalk Continues, Amusing the Zillion (p.s. What is wrong with the city’s Parks Department?)

Great interview by Mitchel Cohen with Ida Sanoff and others about the controversy over the Coney Island Boardwalk – historic wood vs. plastic, this goes into what is wrong with the Parks Department’s position, ignoring the community and local elected officials. You can listen to it here.

Photo: Gothamist (Gee, Gothamist is popular. This perplexes me.)

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