Updated Information on Millions March Day of Anger Today Meet Up LOCATION, 2 p.m.

See info here.

Quick overview: UPDATE 12/13: MEETING SPOT APPARENTLY NOT IN THE PARK, MEET ACROSS FROM THE ARCH ALONG FIFTH AVENUE AT Washington Square North/8th Street up til 12th Street. (Not sure how this is going to work but this is what I have been told…)

Further update 12/14: In the end, thankfully the march began IN the park (although some may have moved along Fifth Avenue – as this late notice I received directed – which was where the march proceeded). It was nice to see the park used for this purpose again – protest. It was somewhat funny (?) how the march went through the Arch filing around the Christmas tree! I will try to run some photos.

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2 thoughts on “Updated Information on Millions March Day of Anger Today Meet Up LOCATION, 2 p.m.”

  1. I personally feel it is a very sad commentary of the United States to have to sit back and wait for thousands of people to come together in order to say maybe we should do something about correcting this injustice! To allow needless deaths of innocent people by the very ones who represent the people or supposed lends itself to the idea that morality has died in this country. Has it not been said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!” How long will injustice reign in America?

  2. Hi Leo,

    Thanks for your comment. It seems this is just the way of the world right now … although obviously demonstrations have been going on a long while … whether they should be necessary, I dont know.

    Good questions. I hope we see some shift soon.



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