A Cat in the City: Feline Who Frequents Washington Square Park Featured in Charming Tale

cat in the city
Cat in the City book cover

The cover art got my attention – how could I resist? A cat sitting under Washington Square’s Arch which is adorned with illustrations of cats, dogs and musicians as the park’s resident pigeons perch atop it. Pretty Boy, an all white cat, is the subject of Greenwich Village resident (and best selling author) Julie Salamon’s story and his adventures begin in Washington Square Park.

The protagonist of “Cat in the City” is based on a real cat who used to frequent the streets of the East Village (for 22 years). Charmingly illustrated by Jill Weber, upon reading the tale, you will be wishing the park had a cat inhabiting the square day-to-day, directing cello-playing musicians by the Arch with the swing of his tail. Pretty Boy is a stray cat who discovers the power of friendship – and where better than at Washington Square Park?

You can learn more about author Julie Salamon here.

“Cat in the City” is geared to children but adults will appreciate the story too – and the marvelous illustrations! It is available in local book stores and also at Amazon. (Of course, look for it in your local book store first!)

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