Just. One. Day. Save a Shelter Animal Today! NYC NO KILL for Today

ACC Dog for Adoption
ACC Dog for Adoption

I’ve written critically about the New York City “shelter” system and how it is way overdue for reform. But for today, I applaud the ACC, Animal Care & Control, for joining in with nationwide effort, Just One Day. No animals will be killed today at the three ACC locations, shelter hours are extended, and adoption fees are reduced. The ACC is encouraging people to remember to Don’t Shop, Adopt and to stop by today to save a New York City animal.

Everyone can do their part: adopt an animal, foster one temporarily, write a letter to the newspaper, to an elected official for No Kill NYC NOW, volunteer, share info with your friends.

Via CBS News:

AC&C will join animal shelters across the nation for “Just One Day” on Wednesday.

“On June 11, the AC&C will suspend all euthanasia, unless deemed medically necessary for humane reasons,” Executive Director Risa Weinstock told 1010 WINS.

Adoption hours will be extended until 8 p.m., adoption fees will be reduced and AC&C’s Mobile Adoption Center will be at Petco Union Square with cats and dogs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

All three AC&C Care Centers will participate. Care Center locations are as follows:

Manhattan (326 East 110th Street)
Brooklyn (2336 Linden Boulevard)
Staten Island (3139 Veteran’s Road West)

In addition, Weinstock noted: “If you can imagine what 30,000 animals means, just last summer, we had enough kittens to fill Radio Music Hall”, Weinstock told 1010 WINS. “AC&C wants to find a home for every single animal — 30,000 is a staggering amount. That’s a lot of animals and we need the community to go out and support us and to say to their friends and neighbors don’t shop, adopt. Go to AC&C. You’re going to find the pet you’re looking for.”

ACC adoptions include vaccinations, a microchip, spay/neuter, one month of free pet health insurance and a free office visit at a participating veterinarian, plus free dog license for dogs.

Please remember NYC’s animals today! Tomorrow, a new bunch of cats and dogs will be listed for death (sadly referred to as “Death Row”). Animals at the city shelters shortly after being there catch the “shelter cold,” typically an upper respiratory infection (URI) which requires a 10 day run of antibiotics, yet all too often only one or two days later, they appear on the “Euthanasia” list and will be killed unless someone steps up. This occurs each night at 6 p.m. – the animals are listed on an “At Risk” list on the ACC web site. They need us all NOW.

Check out the Animal Care & Control web site here for adoptable animals and to learn more.

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